Financing your Real estate Assets

Financing plays a critical role in managing your wealth strategy

Financing exclusive real estate assets for Family Offices

Financing is a critical tool to access the funds you need without drawing on longer-term assets.

Teaming with the right partners

Today, with the global reach of businesses developed by wealthy Families, there’s a strong need for expert insights into the local regulations and economic forces that may influence how you borrow and invest. As owners, your goal is to maximize the value of your real estate assets with the right tools and deep expertise in a wide range of lending strategies. has been developed by Family offices from inception, and for Family offices. Members have combined a rich network of notaries, lawyers, assessors and banks. Whether you want to purchase a multifamily complex, a new data center or a school, a logistics hub or a trendy new hospitality resort, you can benefit from the network.

Partner banks will provide Members with High value financing:

  • Residential real estate financing, to borrow, refinance, mortgage or cash-out
  • Tailored lending services, to help you meet your financial goals
  • Securities-backed financing, secured by liquid investments
  • Customized commercial Real estate financing, to optimize cash flow, depreciation & tax shelter, and favor long-term asset appreciation

Leverage as a differentiator

“Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world.” Archimedes

Interestingly, levers have been used in architecture since ancient Egypt. The lever pivots around a fulcrum to lift heavy loads, which requires less effort. Greek mathematician Archimedes was the first to calculate precisely the physical power of a lever, which has since been perused in the financial sector.

Real Estate is a capital-intensive sector, and leverage is consequently used extensively. A Family will optimize its operating leverage to minimize the risk of financial costs impacting the project in progress. Balance between Debt, Equity and hybrid of both will make the difference between a serene, profitable development on one hand, and troubles on the other.

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