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Real Estate & Off-Market

With a combined value North of $280 trillion, Real estate is larger than all listed equity, debt & oil markets. Real estate is more than 3x the value of Global GDP.

Due to its stable value, low correlation to the capital markets and inflation protection, real estate should be considered by every investor as part of a holistic and long-term asset structuring process.

We offer our clients the best tailor-made solutions.

This is why we invest both in people and in state-of-the-art technology. This enables us to set new standards in service for our customers. All organizational processes and tasks are regularly scrutinized and optimized with regard to their efficiency. Our service quality and solutions should continue to be among the best on the market in the future. Our aim is to remain the right partner for all generations of asset owners. It is important that we are agile, flexible and able to act at all times. All in the interests of our clients. 

  • Our buyers gain first access to our curated selection of the finest properties available from across the globe.
  • Our sellers name the terms of the sale with a transaction generated within in average 3 to 6 months, as well as gaining global exposure with targeted marketing, PR and sales campaign, and access to an industry-leading database.

We are solely focused on high-end properties — typically in the range of EUR2 million to EUR50 million — and only accept one of every 10 submitted for consideration.

It will concern Residential with Mansions/Hotel Particuliers, Luxury Villas, Castle/Vineyards, Chalets but also Commercial Real Estate such as Offices, Hospitality, Retail, Student houses, etc... 


The question is not whether to go online through ClubDeal.com instead of selling traditionally, as we see ourselves as an added tool rather than an alternative. However, we do know from experience that the traditional brokerage model has limitations, especially in the ultra-luxury realm. In the rarified air where the buyer pool is limited, properties simply aren’t very liquid, even in healthy market conditions.

We believe “Luxury” as a whole, contrasts with “mass” distribution.

ClubDeal.com’s objective is to gather pre-selected buyers thus have a targeted and filtered approach rather than distribute information massively, since we believe it affects, “popularize” your asset and transform it into a “common” or “any other” asset. It’s loosing its exclusivity.

Real Estate agents, by contrast, is a large group of professionals accessing less restricted or unrestricted projects. Their objective is to submit as broadly as possible their clients’ assets so it reaches the potential buyers.

A “Club” is by definition an exclusive association of a limited number of investors to share, protect, support the confidentiality of a common project or of an exclusive asset. An online confidentiality agreement will be provided and signed for each client and transaction.

Therefore, this market is usually reserved for institutional investors. Investing through a club deal in this context, therefore, represents a real opportunity to integrate institutional quality assets into your portfolio.

Competitive advantages :

  • Better selection: Collective intelligence will favour the best projects and eliminate the weaker ones.
  • Better sourcing: Leading platforms funnel curated projects, irrespective of their country of origin, generating a wider deal flow, and attracting a growing investor pool.
  • Marketing automation: Online marketplaces embrace marketing automation by integrating emailing power, social community management, and data analysis.
  • Relation automation: Online marketplaces facilitate the transition to full automation by channeling data
  • Funding at every level: time is money, and raising money takes a lot of time. Too much time kills projects.

ClubDeal.com, is unique as it offers access to a diversified investor base outside their domestic market.  Meanwhile, European investors are increasingly looking to broaden their exposure to US real estate sector, which has benefited significantly from tax reforms, technology disruption and a booming multi-family residential sector. Middle Eastern and Asian investors are looking for opportunities in European biggest cities like Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, etc… since the offers are getting more and more limited.

In a few months, ClubDeal.com has become  the biggest real estate "club deal" listing platform in the world. A tremendous achievement. Not only does it underline the scale of demand among partners for access to new funding sources but also increasing the appetite among investors to deploy their capital beyond their domestic market.

We look forward to welcoming increasing numbers of new Members to ClubDeal.com

We are a CLOSED and OFF-MARKET platform for all international properties where hidden information such as "Price Upon Demand" can finally be disclosed.

Investors can choose the assets, and the capital they place on their projects of choice.
Investors avoid numerous intermediaries (funds and funds intermediaries, bank, custodian, brokers, real estate agents).
Substantially more transparency and control than that afforded by a fund,  unrestricted access to the operating information.

  • More targeted results, for a fraction of the cost.
  • Maximum efficiency: NO un-deployed Investor monies.
  • Interactions between Family Offices. A savvy Board can be a source of strategic initiatives and ideas (ie. M&A) and stimulate the executive/operational teams to think more broadly and creatively about opportunities.

Every market has a threshold above which homes are more difficult to monetize, and the typical tools of price reductions and prolonged real estate agents’ advertising and PR exposure can hurt more than help the outcome of sale. Especially when it comes to EUR2 million, EUR10 million and EUR20-plus million homes, price often has no bearing on interest level, and price reductions are ineffective.

ClubDeal.com solves this conundrum by keeping assets OFF-market and in full transparency for your Members.

The ClubDeal PROCESS

We ask, listen, observe and analyse. This is a basic prerequisite for us to provide you with the best possible service.

Its not only our IT infrastructure that is breathtaking. When it comes to managing your assets, we also like to look beyond our own horizons and deal with foreseable elements in the future, so that your assets grow positively in the long term.

Our clients, family officers and advisors have many years of experience in providing comprehensive support to individual private clients and entire families. Take advantage of this experience by exchanging on real estate assets!

As a privileged Member, you have a personal contact point at ClubDeal.com. Your point of contact will take care of all matters of interest for you in connection with your assets or for assets shared on our platform.
If necessary, we will also consult with experts, lawyers or local notaries.

Typically, our exclusive Assets are marketed for 3 to 6 months. We deploy, on request, a dedicated, on-site project manager or real estate lawyer/attorney to facilitate registrations and insure confidentiality of transactions.

The Assets are typically available every day during this timeframe for potential buyers to preview. Diligence is encouraged, as all sales are “as-is”, without contingencies.

Members only pay a monthly subscription to join ClubDeal.com community and have unlimited access to our exclusive assets and opportunities.

To submit a new asset, it only costs a fixed service setup fee, whatever is the asset's price, thus savings considerable amounts of money on intermediation.

Security & Confidentiality

In order to protect your online activity from Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) threat, we use the infrastructure of Arbor Networks, a world leader in network security, since 2000.

We use dedicated CDN with HTTP/2 and industry-leading SSL encryptions on redundant networks for an optimal mitigation solution and speed.

We use powerful security features to make sure all data remains fluid and protected:

  • TIER III+ datacenters designed and located in Switzerland
  • our mitigation solution is deployed in the networks of 70% of the world's ISPs
  • Intelligent routing over 6 continents by over 40 global datacenters with automatic healing & remediation

Confidentiality is the essence of ClubDeal.com, to protect our community of interests.

For that purpose, we chose environmentally and socially responsible hosting in Switzerland:

  • Datacenters located in Switzerland
  • Neutral and independent country
  • Solutions developed and maintained in Switzerland

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