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Due diligence, a guarantee for success

Due diligence, a guarantee for success

Performing thorough investigation significantly contributes to informed decision making by enhancing the amount and quality of information available to decision makers. Due diligence allows to uncover potential worst-case scenarios and develop strategies to mitigate the risk.

Engage in critical thinking

The due diligence process should follow standard best practices to avoid adverse consequences. Due diligence is multi-form and should be applied at every level of the investment program: from the developer’s acquisition staff to the investor.
It’s the moment to ask yourself if the expert is really A-class, and if you chose your advisors wisely, not on a discount. Healthy skepticism will keep your investments in good check.
Thorough investigation significantly contributes to informed decision making

The steps of due diligence

The due diligence team needs to test the assumptions formed on the basis of disclosed information.

  • Business and legal due diligence
    • Analysis of titles, surveys, contracts, liens, warranties
    • Examination of financial records
    • Insurance review, bad actors and penal records check
  • Project due diligence
    • Physical review (photos, movies, maps, aerials)
    • Engineering (structural, electrical, mechanical, environmental)
    • Architecture (plans, drafts, rendering, specifications, accessibility)
    • Municipal approvals (zoning, land use, maps, permiting, licenses)

The perfect profile

Select the Real Estate development team wisely. Investors rank the necessary qualities they should display:

  • Spotless reputation and historical investment program record
  • An established continuous record of timely and worry-free deliveries
  • A proven strategic vision and flair for exceptional opportunities
  • Superior research and due diligence staff
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The 10 Commandments of investing

The most essential rules in the Investor’s survival kit for Family offices and private investors. Simplify your life & investments, be happy.

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