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Best practices for Family Offices

Best practices for Family Offices

This week, Morgan Stanley launched their new Family Office Best Practices report 2020. The report offers insight into the 6 core considerations and best practices for those involved in family offices.

Family offices’ most ambitious goals

  • Preserving wealth across generations
  • Maximizing philanthropic impact
  • and Leaving a powerful legacy.

Adopting new digital behaviours is key: select smart platforms such as to share exclusive assets between Family Offices.

While each family office is unique, many face common questions:

  • Should we expand our current service offerings?
  • What capabilities should we outsource?
  • How do we attract and retain talent?
  • How do we defend against cybercrime?
  • How to improve the legal structures?
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Preserving wealth across generations. Maximizing philanthropic impact. Leaving a powerful legacy.

Critical answers for Family offices

Morgan Stanley’s Family Office Best Practices report provides critical answers along the 6 chapters:

  1. Rethink Mission and purpose as the foundation for strategic decision making
  2. Thoughtful approach to legal vs. leadership organization
  3. Formulate & align to a strict investment policy to save time and identify relevant deals
  4. Invest in comprehensive accounting, reporting and cash management systems
  5. Ensure consistent wealth planning across generations and proper education within members
  6. Assist the family in the enjoyment of wealth by securing the optimal solutions

To read the full report: Morgan Stanley Family Office Best Practices report 2020

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