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Our secret story

A new vision for Family Office collaboration

by Family Offices


It all came naturally, by the wish to join forces, the need to save time & money.

We are family officers, CIO of family trusts, partners in family holdings. We all came with the same conclusion, that Real Estate is absolutely central to us, our members & our clients, and that it ought to be much easier than it is today.

Throughout History, the accumulation of wealth has been inextricably linked with the acquisition of estate and land. It’s a tangible, beautiful and important status symbol.

But it comes with infinite complexity: the long supply chain, the missed appointments, the time wasted traveling to painfully discover inappropriate asset standards or useless information to say the least.

for Family Offices


We succeeded to vastly improve the experience of selecting, visiting and exchanging these coveted assets on a streamlined transparent platform.

Member Family Offices:

  • share genuine assets with transparent characteristics
  • share extended visuals & 3D technologies to save time in the selection process
  • enjoy our magical & anonymous bridging tools to visit the assets
  • benefit from lawyers, experts, notaries’ assistance to perfect the dealing terms

Sharing a successful Experience

Now is the time

Starting with a small group of partner Family Offices, we designed, built, wove trust mechanisms, tirelessly tested & improved our platform. We added all the  features & tweaks we could dream of in order to compress time.

We rapidly understood that we needed to share this innovation masterpiece to continue improve, gather momentum, pick up novel ideas, and most important of all: benefit from an increasing “Network effect”.

We’re traveling constantly, while technology gifted us with ubiquity. Let’s dive in for change.

Uncover a wealth of opportunities


As you know too well, gems are hidden.
Family Offices, HNWI, celebrities, VIPs demand increased privacy:

  • for security & secrecy reasons
  • to avoid uncontrolled publication
  • to avoid stale listing when an asset shows for too long
  • to retain control over showings, etc. etc.

The ClubDeal platform offers just that:

  • Family office to Family office
  • Exceptional assets
  • Off-market
  • Absolutely private
  • 24/7

Saving precious time


We’ re running all day, while the essential is staring at us. Rich or poor, time flies in an instant. Time is our most valuable asset.

Our unrivaled club network compresses time and streamlines the experience, from the selection of exceptional masterpieces to the final signature, with constant vetting from peer Family Offices.  

Experience our life changing experience. Join our community of trust.

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