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We created a community of interest, vetted and protected by members across our exclusive network, to share a wealth of knowledge and projects, in a fully trusted environment.

Because Private Equity runs the real economy and transforms our world for the better, we designed a harbor of Trust for Family offices, Wealth funds, Foundations and Professional investors to exchange their most precious assets and projects.

Time to dust off the Deal flow

Club deal processes are old style and painful: a constant source of bottlenecks.
Family offices, endowments and funds are joining us to find clarity, accountability and scale up their PE dealflow with a secured privacy layer.

It's no longer about who you know

Collective intelligence creates a fertile ground for an abundance of vetted & fruitful deals.
If you’re not totally satisfied with your Private Equity & Club Deals setup: Join us.



Distributed Ledger is updated through consensus, thus creating more accurate, consistent and transparent data.



Guaranteed accuracy of all records as each is audited every single time they are passed between blockchain nodes.


Collective intelligence

Consensus decision-making beats all experts and favors the best projects, while eliminating the weaker ones.



Use the Ledger to eliminate Human error and keep a single, joint register for exhaustive integrity.


Smart contracts

Agreements can be automatically validated, signed and enforced through a blockchain construct.



With blockchain, you don’t need as many third parties or middlemen to make guarantees. It’s built-in.



Using a Shared single digital ledger for instant clearing and settlement, saving time and money.


Ownership Tracking

Efficient management of valuable assets: stocks, real estate titles, or legal agreements of all kinds.


Data Security

Distributed consensus protects sensitive data from possible tampering, theft, fraud or unauthorized activity.



Use of compliant Zero-Knowledge Proof cryptography to ensure the absolute confidentiality of data.



Proof chaining allows scalability and robustness to easily support intense transaction throughput.



Faster disaster recovery as all records are widely distributed. Any node experiencing a failure can easily catch up.

What is a Club Deal?

Club deals are in strong demand by sophisticated Club investors as they combine many of the benefits of commingled funds, syndicated loans and JVs while aligning interests between like-minded and similarly situated investors.

SMARTER CONTRACTS for TRUST is redesigning the way Club Deals are conceived, vetted, transacted and exchanged by ensuring continuous liquidity between blockchain-based assets, contracts and its community of members.

By combining the cryptographic solidity of Zero-Knowledge Blockchain, the flexibility of distributed ledger and the power of Deep learning, we’re opening the doors to endless opportunities to secure, share and entrust.

ClubDeal universal protocols establish efficient and trustworthy coordination among members of the community, as well as external asset managers and financial institutions.


Entreprise Blockchain allows investors to collaborate with their ecosystem, to benefit from transparent real-time automated pricing, to enjoy continuous proofs logging on the go thanks to ClubDeal smart contracts.

Our open source framework is platform-agnostic and revolutionizes Private Equity from due diligence and audit, strict compliance and KYC, to instant liquidity and strong community bonds.


Managing data in a collaborative world to perform private asset transfers, enforce business logic and manage inter-node secured networking. ZKP provides Proof for all parties, without unveiling the underlying confidential data.

ClubDeal universal protocols establish efficient and trustworthy coordination among members of the community, as well as external asset managers and financial institutions.