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We created a community of interest, vetted and protected by members across our network, to share a wealth of knowledge and projects, in a fully trusted environment.

Time to dust off the Deal flow

Real estate processes are old style and painful: a constant source of bottlenecks.
Our members joined to find clarity, accountability and scale up their dealflow with a secured privacy layer.

Collective effort

Collective intelligence creates a fertile ground for an abundance of vetted & fruitful deals.
Join us. Experience our versatile community.



Data Security

Distributed ledger protects sensitive data from possible tampering, theft, fraud or unauthorized activity.


Receive accurate, consistent and transparent data curated by our experts.


Verification reviews of all access permissions to ensure the absolute confidentiality of individuals and data.

Ownership Tracking

Efficient management of valuable assets, titles or legal agreements of all kinds.

Collective intelligence

Consensus decision-making between our experts and partners to favor the best projects.

Smart contracts

Agreements can be automatically validated, signed and enforced through ledger construct.

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